We’ve grown up reading fairy tales

Where the coveted heroes were the males

But let me show you what they really entailed!

What you were told isn’t how the story progressed

It was the stereotypes that demanded that they this way be expressed,

It was the men that failed to face situations that needed braving,

And the women who performed the acts of lifesaving.

First, there was Princess Cinderella

Living a royal life, as two servants held an umbrella

Over her head, on a rainy day

And a poor man fell in love with her, his name was Charming, they say

But alas! He couldn’t ask for her hand

For all he had in his pocket was worth sand

So naturally, he called for his fairy godmother

Who promised she would put him above all other

But even her powers weren’t so extensive

His demands for her were too expensive

“I can only give you wealth for a night,” she cried

To anything she said, he promised to abide.

“But everything comes with a price,” she said

And he accepted without using his head.

So when the night of an extravagant ball came

He entered, and saw his aim

The princess agreed to dance with him

Their conversation was anything but dim

But too soon, it was midnight

And brought Charming a situation tight

He suddenly sprouted a tail

And the entire thing turned into an epic fail

Cinderella recognised the work of the witch

And with anger, her eye began to twitch

“Oh, charming! Did you make a deal with the devil?”

And as Charming turned, the witch appeared and began to revel

In her victory, for she believed she had won

And he, scared, began to run

But Cinderella saved the day

As with a glass sword, she managed to slay

The witch who ruined many an innocent life

And Charming, impressed, asked her to become his wife

Cinderella later agreed

But he had to promise to never again succumb to such greed

And what she said, he did heed

Never again did he fall into such traps

This is how the story wraps

With the union of Princess and Charming

Which, to witness, would’ve been beyond heartwarming.

~Sehaj Ghuman, AIS, Noida

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