When I look back

It’s me running in a sack

Oh! How I remember those carefree days

When I had no bills to pay

Waking up at 12pm feeling great

Now its 8am but oh no I am late

Oh!How I miss those days

When everything was so happy and gay

Catching butterflies and collecting flowers

Lying in the sun and going to sleepovers

Twenty years later I am stuck on the flyover

My life is an up and down rollercoaster.

Bedtime stories,Warm hugs and a sweet kiss

Now every holiday with my family I miss

Eating cakes cream rolls and buttercups

But alas I grew up.

Oh! How I miss those days

When every thing I thought I could say.

And Looking at my shape

Diet is my fate.

Oh! How I miss those days

When to enjoy I didn’t have to wait for paydays

~Ananya Tomar

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