No, honey, it’s not the end of the world. I know he broke your heart and I know you think you can’t live without him but I promise you, your story is just beginning. 

So go out there, take a walk in the rain, buy your favourite flowers, dance with a stranger. 

Come home, cry your heart out, cry till you can’t anymore, and then get up. 

Get up, wipe the tears, and make yourself a hot drink. Watch your favourite movie and sing along to your favourite songs. 

You see, one day you’re going to meet someone, someone who’s gonna blow your mind and make your heart beat a million miles an hour. Someone who will make going to Target an adventure.

Or maybe you won’t. Maybe you’ll explore beautiful places and travel across the world and be the happiest you’ve ever been, all by yourself.

See, kid, I can’t tell you how your life’s gonna turn out, but I can tell you this- it’s going to be okay.

~Navya Abbey

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