New York— the city that never sleeps.

Cliché? Let’s try again.

New York— the Pandora’s box.

Still a cliché, this time with more than a hint of truth.

You don’t know what to expect from this city, and you definitely don’t know what you would get. I say this because this happened to me.

A few months ago, when most people prefer staying in their warm homes cuddled with their blankets, binge-eating and watching Netflix during the month of Christmas, I decided to open this box called New York.

I tried to take as much in as possible.

I saw the parks, in awe of how they coexist with the more fashionable distractions of such a crowded city. And not just Central Park.

I saw the famous sights and met the Lady Liberty.

The Statue of Liberty

I ate as much as I could. (Trust me when I say the pizzas and burgers are not overrated.)

But most of all, I felt like I am a part of something much more bigger. The centre of the universe.

Rhea with her cousins

Of course, after watching shows like FRIENDS and How I Met your Mother, you tend to expect much more than what the city actually is— but I guess, in a completely different way, it’s much more than that. For I promise it shall always make you smile thinking about your time there, just like I am while writing this.

~Rhea Gupta,  Shiv Nadar School, New Delhi

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