The life of the universe and its stars in reverse

Maybe we’ll go out like flickering lights, one by one – dulling and dimming into nothingness until all that we have ever known ceases to exist.

Maybe we’ll go like we came; one moment, there we are, growing and rising and raging through the blackness when suddenly, there is a bang and we aren’t there anymore – gone, lost, forgotten into an abyss.

Maybe we’ll come hurtling towards each other, staccato bursts of light trying to weave a stitch in time, flashes with trails of blazing fires, leaving destruction in our wake –

Shuddering, collapsing onto ourselves, choking on the fires we lit, flailing hands reaching out for pieces of the bridges we burnt, unleashing the darkness we hid inside.

Endless, endless, endless

G o n e?



By Arushi Gupta, Amity Noida



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  I like this!

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