A can of Tuborg costs $2.15. It contains 500mL of alcohol with 5.5% of it with the uh, spicy parts. Now, utilizing knowledge that I gained over a decade ago (sounds cooler than saying ‘knowledge I gained in pre-school when my teacher taught me how to multiply two numbers), I gain the following information–

=> 5.5% of 500mL is 27.5mL

=> 27.5 mL for $2.15

=> 12.7906976744186 mL for $1

So, all in all, we’re getting 12.7mL of the good stuff for a dollar.

Then, I did the same thing with…

Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey

[35% per 750mL for $15.99]

=> 262.5 mL for $15.99

=> 16.41651031894934 mL for $1

We’re getting 16.4mL of le spice for a dollar.


Now, obviously, whiskey is more likely to get you walking with your feet crossed and the ground looking like the waves of the ocean. So, why does beer exist?

I don’t understand.


  I like this!

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