Background music. The music that never gets its time in the spotlight. The music that, subconsciously, you’re always searching for, but never find. It is a genre of music. Put simply, it’s what you hear in the elevator when you’re travelling up to your hooker’s coke suite in a fancy hotel.
B.M. is… relaxing. It’s tender. It’s intense. It’s like making love to the person you’ve always wanted to make love to.

Unfortunately, B.M. has died down in recent years and the only people who still listen to it are– like I said earlier –people going up to their hooker’s suite, and… drum roll, please…

Otakus—like me. Anime generally have twice the number of original soundtracks that TV shows do. That is, of course, if the TV show even has an original soundtrack and not just recycled songs.

Unlike TV shows, which use the majority of their budget on props, renting locations, and a starry cast, the anime industry spends a surprisingly huge fraction of its budget on music composers.

Parasyte. Devilman Crybaby. Death Note. Berserk. Death Parade. Terror in Resonance. If you’ve watched any of the anime, you know what good music is.

All of the above anime have amazing background music.
Distressingly, background music composers rarely get the recognition they deserve. So, it might be small (actually, this is nothing), but take a moment of your time to read the following names. They’re all people who made amazing B.M.

Kenji Kawai

Susumu Hirasawa

Shiro Sagisu

Light Yagami

Yuki Hayashi

Shinichi Izumi

Yoko Kanno

Kensuke Ushio

Ken Arai


Well, I’ll admit the list is a bit biased, but what the heck. I can write whatever I want to.

What’s that?

I can’t?

I have to stick to the script?


OK then.


So, where were we? Ah, yes. Background music.

Well, I don’t really have much to say. There’s B.M. everywhere—movies, shows, anime, trailers, video games, elevators, restaurants. Wait a minute.

My God.

It’s so obvious.

The government is using background music to implant subliminal messages into our brain and convert humanity into a materialist society that preys on the weak!

What’s that?

This isn’t X-files?

This is growing old?


OK, then.

I’ll stop.

Psst, read the comments.

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