K-pop, or Korean pop, is the music genre taking over the world right now. In almost every country of the world now, you will find dedicated listeners of this unique kind of music dancing along to its catchy tunes in the solitude of their rooms, or with a lone tear running down their cheek as the foreign lyrics strike them straight in the heart.

As an avid listener of the genre, I have been asked a question many times, “Why Korean music when you don’t understand the lyrics?”

While I agree that words and language are important tools the human race has been blessed with for the purpose of expression, at the end of the day what you’re trying to express is the most important. It’s the raw emotion of the K-pop idols that bleeds through their melodies, that breaks the barriers of language and tells the listeners their stories; makes them feel their pain, their heartbreak, their struggles.

What we feel has no language. But when love, pain, happiness and laughter have no language, then why should such limitations be placed on music?

The art of performing has played a crucial role in the spread of K-pop. Perfection is unattainable, but when it comes to performing, the K-pop industry has achieved what is closest to it. The tunes, drenched in emotion, are accompanied by flawless dance moves when performed live. Anyone watching can see the passion shining through the blinding lights. The eyes of the idols are glazed over with dedication as their movements, smooth and fluid-like, add another element of beauty and expression to the captivating music, pulling anyone witnessing the spectacular show deeper and deeper into their lethal spell.

With the spread of this genre, K-pop idols have used their influence on the public, especially the adolescent section of the listeners for teaching them valuable lessons on self-love and care. Through their music they have provided millions of listeners a means of escape from the brutal realities of the world, to find a safe place with just positivity and comfort in this loud world of unease. They have shown the world that with hard work and dedication, even the bonds of cultural and lingual differences can be broken to set your soul free and make your voice heard over the white noise of the world.


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