Look at this badass motherlover

Genre: Horror | Action
Plot: Earth is invaded by snake-like organisms of unknown origins one night.

Thankfully, this doesn’t go where most animes go *cough cough*

No one knows where or why they came, but they seem to be able to survive only by burrowing themselves into the host, and taking over. The parasite-controlled bodies need to indulge in cannibalism to keep themselves alive. This is made easier by the fact that they can morph their head so-

One of these parasites fails, and is left to mature inside the right hand of a student, Izumi Shinichi after eating it.

The other parasites are wary of ‘Migi’ as it is named by the conscious host.

The series details the *air quotes up* fun *air quotes down* adventures of Shizumi-kun and Migi like that one time

This happened and…

…this happened

… and this happened!

Honestly, I have SO many of these images!

Fun times, indeed!

Darnit! That parasite stole my heart! LOOK AT HIM! HE’S SO CUTE!

I wouldn’t recommend this anime. I would clamp your eyes open and MAKE you watch this anime. Uh huh. It’s just that good.

  I like this!

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