That night I cried,

And picked up the knife to end this life

That night I thought,

Of all the fights I’ve fought

That night was pretty,

As the lights were lit all over the city

That night I wondered,

Of all the streets I’m yet to wander

That night I was lost,

For I craved for the people and things I love the most

That night I sat,

With the knife in my hand, on the roof, on the sand

That night I was ready to end it all,

But it had to come back to me after all.

That night I relived,

Every memory of my life, every touch, every sight.

That night I started to believe,

That every one will someday hurt you, what a relief.

That night I said sorry,

To all those who I’d worry.

That night it started again,

Like the world does after a rain.

That night i realized how beautiful the world is

That night I realized how beautiful life is.

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