In today’s fast-paced and ultra-competitive world, parents must be able to thoroughly review the various resources provided by these numerous institutions, each of a different nature, in order to select the best option for the child.

However, when our parents choose our school for us, they have to rely on the word of mouth in order to determine whether the institution is appropriate for the needs of their child. Although it is possible to go online and seek information from the websites of various schools, most of these websites are outdated and provide false information regarding the school’s position. I’d thought inadequate information about schools is a problem only during Nursery admissions but seeing people around me, like my own cousin, go through this hassle, I realised that people face this each time they consider changing schools.

Further, I often found myself having grievances against the school which were never paid heed to. At the same time, there were many areas where I would have liked to compliment the school but was unable to do so due to lack of a solid platform where my voice would be heard.

After analyzing the situation, I found out that this might be an opportunity for me to create such a student-friendly platform, which enables the students to post their comments about their schools online and allow to schools to respond to them in a constructive manner.

This is exactly how the idea behind starting my own initiative, EduAid ( came into being.

I figured that a single online portal could achieve dual goals: the students would be able to share their views (positive as well as negative) about their school, while those considering to admit their child into that school would have access to honest, free, and trustworthy information about it.

While it wasn’t an easy job to get a portal this vast constructed in a constrained budget, the thought of creating something that will benefit thousands of people, in the long run, gave me the required motivation to do this task. Through this initiative, I hope to build a platform to facilitate communication between schools and current students, provide a resource to prospective students, and overall, improve transparency in this entire system.

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