EDUCATION. There is so much in this single word and yet many people don’t understand its importance. It’s that wonder that can either destroy a person or create one and it’s true that one with better education is likely to shine more than others.

That’s exactly what I am going to tell you.

Facilities can be many but those facilities which can actually help in the improvement of a person are the real requirement. This is when technology comes into the scene.

Yes, TECHNOLOGY. Technology is truly one of the major factors that can affect the growth and development of an individual. It can not only help in the overall growth but also in the mindset of a person. There are a lot of factors of education that can be improved by technology. These are:-

  1. FLEXIBILITY: You might be wondering how technology can improve the school schedule’s flexibility but there are a lot of kids including me who get extremely bored after countless hours of study, and that’s when technology can help. With the use of live streams and recording facilities in classrooms, children can easily attend classes even sitting in their homes or afterwards. This will help them to relax a bit and focus when it is actually required.


  1. RIP SCHOOL BAGS: Yep, if technology advances that BIG BULKY BOOK OF RD SHARMA will be on your laptop, not bothering you at all! The use of laptops will also make those handouts and paper clutter be easier to organise at one place.
  2. STUDY TIME = FUN TIME? : Yes, it is possible that by technology study can be fun. Just imagine you are attending a class of chemistry and instead of writing notes, you would be performing bizarre experiments on an app on your laptop or on your phone!
  3. USE OF VR FOR EDUCATION: Virtual reality or, in short, VR is an amazing way to teach students of all ages. VR will not only make classes undeniably cool, it can also enable learning. For example, learning maps would be much simpler. You might be wondering how…Imagine a place is being described in your class and with the help of Google Earth and your VR gadget, you can experience that you are at that place!

There are a number of more factors of education that can be revolutionised by implementing technology. But if I start this, this magazine would look like an old boring newspaper rather than an interactive online magazine– which is also made by TECHNOLOGY.



Image Credits: Pranav Mohan Sharma, 10-E







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