From October 4th-13th, Amity International School Noida hosted a delegation of nine Swiss students from a school called Kantonsschule Wettingen in Switzerland. The exchange programme was a wonderful experience for both the hosts and the guests, who forged lifelong friendships and learnt about each other’s lifestyles. Here, two of the students, Céline Heimhofer and Sonja Scherer, as well as their accompanying teacher Ms Claire Bonifay, talk to Ananya Grover (10-B) about their school culture– answering questions about everything from dating in school to sleeping in classes.


Céline Heimhofer, an 18-year-old student who loves science, talks about what she thinks is the purpose of schooling, her school schedule and whether she’s allowed to date in school.

Sonja Scherer, also 18 years old and in her last year of High School, tells us what her classroom is like and the kind of relationship she has with her teachers.

Ms Claire Bonifay, a Biology Teacher at Kantonsschule Wettingen, shares what it was like to teach a class here at Amity. (To the credit of our teachers: they tell us to raise hands and not shout out answers together all the time and yet, we never listen!)

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