There are many ways of learning; classroom education is just one of them. We learn a great deal on our own, not from printed books. Our life experiences teach us what any teacher, machine, books, etc. cannot teach. We learn by interacting informally with new people, sharing our learning and experiences with them, and vice versa. We learn by making errors.

School learning is just for the sake of marks. But real learning is from the heart and through our own interests. Education is important, but it should focus on student’s learning the material and building skill-sets, rather than teacher’s completing the prescribed curriculum. Self-discipline, responsibility and respect comes practically and not by words.

Teaching should consist of imparting one’s wisdom, among other things, to voluntary listeners. Every child has a different skill. A child gets jaded when it comes to learning about something they don’t have interest in. It is not appropriate to judge them only by marks or percentage.

I feel that the traditional system of schooling needs reforms, as it is not the most efficient way to get educated.


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