Image by Shashwat Singh, 9-L

For what were the sacrifices made?

For what thousands of us prayed?

Was it the strong desire of a heart,

That for years has stayed?

Or was it the cry of a woman,

for something she craved?

I ask myself,

Was it worth it?

For people whose fate it changed,

Will it stay forever?

Or will it soon fade?

For people who lost their families and friends,

And for families from which soldiers were sent,

Corpses were the last that reached them.

Then finally my heart answers,

It was for freedom

that the soldiers fought.

It was for freedom,

that we had spent all we had got.

It was for freedom from those,

Who ruined our lives.

And from those,

Who separated husbands and wives.

It was for freedom,

From those whose cruelty took lives.

And from those

Who disrupted happy lives.

Finally what we got was like

Wings to fly away from the dark

And get lost in the stars.

To heal our wounds and

The painful scars.

It was like the bars of a cage had smashed open,

With the power of prayers of uncountable hours.

It was wholly worth it,

From now I know
freedom is what,

is letting me grow.

The country’s wounds are now cured,

And the lives are happy once more.

Freedom to me is like the oxygen of my soul

And the story of some things we lost,

And of everything we gained.




  1. Wow it’s excellent, so touching its so good , you have said such a big thing using this poem. You are such a good writer, this is the spirit of nationalism. This poem will always remain in my heart for years.

    Pratham Painuly

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