Image By Tanvi Vijh



Whenever I look up at the sky,

I see birds fluttering high,

relishing their flight

And sweeping through everybody’s sight.

Whenever I look at the ground,

I see squirrels roving around

savouring their frolic

portraying the glee of freedom,

of which they are symbolic.

Whenever I look around,

I see a clique of children,

playing on the ground.

Adoring their cavort

splattering the pleasure of freedom,

with which they are crowned.

Freedom lies

in the cluster of birds;

Freedom lies

in the squirrels roving in herds;

Freedom lies

in the children playing in their world;

Freedom lies

all around the world;

A feeling truly treasured.


Image Credit : Tanvi Vijh, 10 A

  I like this!


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