Image By Ananya Dabare, 10 E

Freedom is a huge term to apply. It’s quite confusing at the same time, as different people have different requirements of it in their diverse lives. More appropriately people have varied needs, hopes, and expectations associated with this term “Freedom”.

To me freedom doesn’t mean something too different from other people, rather I’m quite sure that it’ll link many of our thoughts together. It’s the freedom from this society that I truly seek. For it is something that’ll only have been accomplished when I don’t have to face the vulgar expressions of people when I wear shorts or even crop tops showing some skin, nor get showered with judgmental views and comments of people, ‘aunties’ and even elders, simply judging me and forming perceptions without thinking twice.

When mothers will not think twice seeing their daughters going across the doorstep alone whether it is 9 in the day or 9 in the night, second thoughts would just not flutter across the corners of the house.

When I’m free to decide whom I want to make a part of my life and whom I just don’t want to see ever.

When I wouldn’t have to take forced decisions regarding my career nor my relations under the fear of “What will people say?” I would be free to become a chef, a babysitter, a doctor or even a bar singer! I would be free to marry a Muslim or a Hindu, loving a rickshaw-wallah or a rich cardiologist.

When the society will not interrogate me while I’m seeking new things.

This is what freedom means to me: “Freedom from the backwards thoughts of our society”. This is what I seek, or maybe most of us seek. I’m still waiting for that day to arrive when you will be the one to decide your character rather than the society.

  I like this!