Time and Living – Arushi Adwani

The picture depicts harmony between time and the living. The gears of a watch turn in sync– symbolising the satisfaction I aim to feel as I work, the sense of peace that comes with knowing you’re doing fine.

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Experience – Katyani Jairath

We all ‘experience’, even a newborn has, but isn’t called experienced. If your past is your memory, are experiences your past? Everything I do adds onto my experience, everything I do limits my experience to that doing. When I feel general anxiety thinking about the future, then I remind myself of my experiences, the past. I take the general comfort that is offered and that comfort is depicted in this piece. When I’ll be 40, nothing new may come my way, nothing that’ll surprise me because I would’ve converted my past into experience. A pocket-sized past, pocket-sized experience with me to help me understand whatever is to come. I’ll explain the new through the old. I’ll look in the mirror and take even comfort into knowing that my marks and wrinkles are engraved experiences, that everything I’ve ever done has led me here; every breath, meal, all words I’ve spoken, the pen I chose to buy, the way I sat, the colours I put in this piece: all led me to this second and life wasn’t wasted.

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Every Picture Tells A Story – Isha Singh

The mystery the eyes of the main subject behold is beyond intriguing. The shop towards the outside is vivid and colourful, but holds a dark shadow within. It makes us question, what does it hide? What is there inside to discover?

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Mystics of the Desert – Ananya Tandon

From the very beginning of our childhood, we have heard about the Arabian Nights. After reading all the desert stories from the very famous Aladdin, a question arises about the mysteries of the mystic desert .
The illusions, the mysterious experiences all feed to the rumour that the desert is magical. Imagine a dark night, when you are alone and a sudden aurora streaks across the sky. Just like this one, many stories come by and blow our minds– from meteors exploding in the sky to illusions– all coming to a stop at the question, “is a desert really enchanted? ”
Most theories suggest that these are really rare experiences which occur once in a blue moon. Other religious theories believe that there are true and sacred spirits which cause these mysteries .
A mystery still unsolved… What is your take on this? Is it really true or just a conspiracy?

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Unknown: A Feeling – Ichcha Walia

“There are known unknowns”

~Donald Rumsfeld

Does something like the “unknown” even exist? The knowns were once unknown and maybe in incognisant ways, we step into “unknown” situations every day. I believe the “unknown” is a place you’ll become used to someday, the “unknown” is a person you’ll find the most comfort in someday and I believe the unknown is a feeling you’ll want to experience every day. Right this second, something is waiting to be known, to be explored, and we’ll always keep pushing the boundaries of the unknown to get there. The unknown is limitless, just like one’s desire to know more. But as Pema Chödrön says, “Letting there be room for not knowing is the most important thing of all”, we’ll never really know everything. Something will always be unknown to us or maybe the unknown lies within you? And you’ll know it when the time permits.

– Ichcha Walia, The Millennium School, Noida

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Off-Colour – Ananya Tandon

Concept – 

Today in the United States, it seems as if race determines the gravity of the crime a person commits. If a white person commits a crime, they are still treated respectfully, but if a Black person doesn’t do anything and lives in “the country of whites”– that in itself is a crime.

This extreme situation makes one think, what if this racism doesn’t end at all? In that case, do Black people have to paint themselves white in order to lead a life of dignity where they aren’t profiled on the basis of their skin colour? Every day, at every moment, do people have to pray for equality, demand justice, protest for the right to live…when will it be granted? When will the masses realise that humanity is what makes people pure, and not one’s colour?
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