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New Theme for October 2018: Pride and Prejudice

Reflections Magazine’s new theme is Pride and Prejudice! 🏳‍🌈

With SC’s verdict abolishing Section 377, love wins and it’s time to celebrate. You could write an essay exploring gender in Indian mythology, explore the larger societal impact of homophobia, review a film/novel with an LGBTQ+ protagonist, write a story with an asexual character, share your journey, raise awareness using your art/photography/music, and much more! Open to all High School students.

Email to by 16th October and help us in spreading love and acceptance 💞

General Information

Each month we’ll release new, exciting, relevant prompts to inspire and push you creatively.

On this theme, you can submit:

  • Writing: articles, opinion pieces, essays, journal entries, open letters, short comments

  • Creative writing: stories (short or long), all kinds of poetry, quotes

  • Drawings: digital, sketches, paintings, cartoons, comics

  • Multimedia: photography, films, videos

  • Reviews: of games, TV shows, books, movies, music

  • And other things this list may have missed.

We encourage you to submit entries related to at least some aspect of the theme, even if not explicitly or apparently on it.

An important part of submissions is to make sure you send it in time and not miss the deadline. Details of each month’s submissions will be updated in multiple places, including our FB page, your inbox if you’re subscribed, as well as this website.

To ask further questions and send in your contributions, email:

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