Burning City – Tanishq Khurana

Delhi wasn’t just burning, it was screaming and begging for mercy. Its feet soaked in gasoline, ashes substitute tickles. With the spark of communalism and fascist narratives, Politicians grinned as they set ablaze the heart of a billion souls. Blocked from the outside and within with barriers and propaganda, The…

Cataclysm – Sanjali Sharma

The world is shut down for a while, Earth has gone into exile, The soil and the sun slumber, Her oceans and flowers encumber. She is awake and irate, Her eyes; they precipitate, She’s done with our deeds, Exhausted by ceaseless needs. COVID-19 has spread expeditiously, Folks are breathing their…

Lone End – Mythri Anand

My gaze, drawn involuntarily to the unmoving frame The overwhelming reign of illness, Unable to swallow that glimpse of the aftermath The utter destruction left in its wake. A shell left behind, Of a sickness, ah, so blind Throttle anyone in a merciless grasp, Never unravel such a clasp. A…

Utopia Lost – Sheen

Choked sobs As our sanity this dystopian society robs Violent screams from the CAA furore Shaking us to our very core Remember to keep the masks on, Scrub your hands until the germs are gone This malicious virus affecting many Won’t spare any Thriving economy In ruins now What’ll the…

Catharsis – Vrinda Rastogi

I wake up to rubble all around
Smoke in the air and death on the ground
Ash in my hair and soot on my face
Sorrow rims my eyes that look around in a daze

But I get up and look at the flesh beneath my feet
I take one step forward as my heart skips a beat
It is hard to leave my past behind
To let go of my grief and start a new life

So, I take one step forward, away from my home
From my family, my friends, their blood and their bones
And another step, and one more
I march on to a new life
Rubble all around me but eyes filled with hope


~By Vrinda Rastogi, Amity International School, Noida

  I like this!

Poetic Thoughts – Likhitha

1. (UN)CONFINED ECSTACY I twiddle my finger Into the loops of my hair Cautiously stepping Into the realm of ecstasy Waiting for shimmering Stardust to carry me away I sink my teeth into The fragrance of dreams Aahhh! Beyond mere phrase My eyes slowly drooping down Filling itself with peace…