You are the wind in your hair, the silly dance you do when you don’t care,

You are the places to which you fly, you are the morning cup of coffee under a happy sunny sky, 

You are the pages that you turn, and the lessons that you learn,

You are the stars that you search for, you are the things which you burn for,

You are the words that you say, and the prayers that you pray, 

You are the blue knitted sweater that you pull close to you in the cold chilly weather,

You are the colour of your eyes, you are the kindness in your smile,

You are the lines that you draw, some of them perfect, some of them flawed, 

You are the waves washing over your feet, and the doors that you greet, 

You are the people that you meet, and the things which make your heart skip a beat, 

You are your favourite song, and the walks that you walk, short and long, 

You are the secrets that you keep, you are the tears that you weep, 

You are the colours that you paint, and the blessings that you gain, 

You are the posters on your bedroom wall, you are the fictional characters for whom you fall, 

You are the warmth of your favourite scarf, and the sweet sound of your laugh,

You are the stain on your shirtsleeves, and the photograph in the pocket of your jeans, 

You are the last page of your notebook, you’re the aroma in your kitchen when you cook,

You are the things that you share, you are the things that you fear, 

You are your midnight dreams, you are your favourite ice cream,

You are the rainbows that you stop to see, you are the things that make you free, 

You are the 11:11 wishes that you make, you are the sunset pictures that you take, 

You are the people you love to bits, you are the magic that you think exists,

You are the faint light of your lamp, and the grass you walk on, so damp,

You are the faith that you keep, you are your peaceful night’s sleep, 

You are your wishes you want to fulfill, and the hope that you have still,

The things which you think you’re not, are the ones which actually matter a lot.

– Oorvi Gupta


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