Content Warning: The following short piece deals with content related to death.

This is a story about my encounters with death. You read that right. Often, we sit over coffee together. No, it hasn’t visited me with an invitation to accompany her yet. But I have met her many times, throughout my life, and I have lived every moment spent with her. I remember every word spoken by her all too well. I first met her when one of my relatives left with her. I was confused, and shocked because the same person had come to meet me just a week ago and now, that person is no more. I was scared by the fact that death can take away anyone, anytime. But all she did was smile.

The next time I met her was when my friend’s parent was taken away by her, very suddenly. I asked her why she would do that and begged her to undo it, but she wasn’t moved a bit by my fearful face.

I met her and told her how worried I was and how inhumane it is to snatch a parent from a child’s hand, but all she did was gesture that the loved ones would stay strong. She left on that note.

I remember her each time the family of the deceased stand up stronger than the strong. Maybe, all I have to do is sip the coffee with her and let go. Maybe, I have to stop questioning her and just accept that she is inevitable.

– Sara Maheshwari, Amity International School, Noida


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