The Stranger who Paddles to the Sea,
Says ‘Goodnight, Moon’ in joy and glee
He asks the Three Questions straight Out of my Mind
The only difference is his corduroy shorts and my clothes are fully designed.

Even on a Monday morning, his questions are about life and death,
About the long Journey of every single breath.
While I go to the mall and shop with my mates,
He smears his hands and cleans gates.

While I call out my maids– Olivia and Madeline and Eloise,
He struggles to arrange one plate of food for his boys
He says ‘Hello, Rock’ to every piece of rock and leads a simple life
While I am busy following Twitter strifes.

His life is hugely different from mine,
But what connects us is our questions and thoughts that align.
The tale weaves an indelible virtue
To celebrate our disparities, through and through.

(words in italics are titles of books)

– Avni Jain, Amity International School, Noida

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