It’s in the heart,

It is vast,


It’s in drops of rain falling from the sky,

It’s in the mind, making us sometimes happy, sad and shy.


It’s in the air,

that’s rare.


It’s in every action,

It’s in every reaction.


When birds sing,

When the leaves jingle.


When the river has music,

the flower dance is terrific.


Music is in nature,

And it’s a lovely gesture.


There’s music in the sky,

I don’t wonder why.


The music of nature,

Is worth dancing to, creature!


There’s music in crying,

There’s music in clouds flying.


Listen to the ocean,

It also has a musical sensation.


Even silence has music,

That’s calming and peaceful music.


Music is there and here,

It’s in you too, dear!


Try not to listen, but to feel,

It will make your mind and soul heal.


Try closing your eyes,

It will definitely be a surprise.

– Sruti Das, D.A.V Public School, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi


  I like this!

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