Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar was born on 16 November 1936. After completing his schooling from the Bengali High School in Nowgong (Assam), he joined in Indian Air Force. During his stay at an Air Force unit in Barrackpore, West Bengal, he had a chance to pursue higher studies as a private candidate from University of Calcutta in 1970.



 Every morning I look in the mirror,

and I utter that I am happy

and feeling joy.
I had gone through hardship but

Almighty has given me more than

I asked for.


I see God in my parents and I take

deep breath, close my eyes, and

offer a silent prayer.


I light a lamp on Diwali and go to

midnight mass on the eve of Christmas.



It was a beautiful climate when

we reached Guwahati city to visit

religious places in an early

morning of a Sunday.


At first, we all entered the ISKON

temple to pray and we uttered

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna’.


Sometime later, we reached Umananda

Shiva temple, which is situated in the

middle of the river in an island.


Umananda Bhairavi to the east

of Kamakhya hill, is situated in

the middle of Brahmaputra River.


Mohadev who smashed Rati’s husband

Kamdev has remained in this

auspicious place.


The devotees are visiting Umananda

Bhairavi temple by boat with

great enthusiasm.


The breeze flowed with fragrance of

evening, on that beautiful climate,

we reached to Kamakhya temple

to seek a blessing from Ma.



Sagar island is a cluster of about 51

small islands in West Bengal.


Though this is a part of Sundarbans,

it does not have any tiger habitation.


This Island marks the point where the river

Ganga flows into the Bay of Bengal.


The waves are carrying flowers, earthen

lamps, and entire offerings.


Bhagirath, the grandson of the king Sagar,

brought Ganga to this island.


This island, also known as Ganga sagar,

is a place of Hindu pilgrimage.


Kapil-Muni, who claimed an ancestry

from Vishnu built his Ashram here.


Sagar island, which is a charming tourist

destination, also attracts pilgrims.


Every year on the Makar Sankranthi day

Hindus take a holy dip in river Ganga.



We reached to Debasthan Haridwar in

the morning and then visited Mansa

Devi temple on a hill, which is located

on the Shivalik hill in Haridwar.


In the beautiful environment, we took

a bath on river Ganga and then went

to Har-ki-pauri to perform religious

works at Brahma-Kunda.


We visited temples of Lord Brahma,

Shiva, Vishnu, and Durga, where we

could observe a footprint engraved

on a stonewall, which belongs

to Lord Vishnu.


It is an auspicious place to perform puja

ceremony, and is the spot where the Ganges

leaves the mountains and enters the plains.


In the evening devotees were offering

diyas to the river Ganga, where the lights

of diyas were carrying the hopes and

aspirations of millions.



Life is a journey, it requires enthusiasm

and needs interest to travel in old age.


I have visited famous Dargah of Hazrat

Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Chishti at Ajmer.


After visiting the historical places in Delhi,

I headed to Agra to see the Taj Mahal.


The monument’s beauty is striking, and

its creation is really captivating.


I have visited temples in Haridwar, which

are standing on bank of river Ganga.


I prayed and floated my wishes in diyas and

then walked to watch the choreography.


I had the pleasure journey to New York,

New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Disneyland.


I travelled to London, and enjoyed the night

safari in Singapore with my children.


Traveling makes a person wise and

enriches their being.

– Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar

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