Darling dear, my inevitable approaches

The bane in my chest, a burden

Sheltered by a thousand roaches

The end must be a gift, I’m certain


My heart cracks second per second

It strains me to stay a moment more

Losing is better if this is the price to pay,

No longer willing to live a forced war


I wish torn papers would tear my destiny

I wish for a thousand things more

But you and I know there isn’t an eternity

This is the real end of a false lore


I apologise for my subsequent absence

Alas, there is no elixir, no cure

What a way to end a journey

What a way to mark the origin of yours


Darling dear, I know you hate when I call you that

Though, I hope you won’t object this time

Me and my lonely are at peace somehow

The echo of my goodbye rings like a chime


– Aadya Handa, Delhi Public School, Noida

  I like this!

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