Dear Nature,


You have borne so much for us.

Floods. Earthquakes. Bodies.

Your fragility is such that a butterfly’s wings could engender upon you a thunderstorm, and yet you stand here with us — supporting this great civilisation. Dams and power lines — we’ve carved out pieces of you to make our own mark.

Today, I’m writing to you for advice. I’m writing to you to ask what love is. But first, I wished to ask you, how much does it hurt?

How much does it hurt after every politician’s cry for green energy, yet nothing is done?

How much does it hurt when a tree is slashed right off its roots? I would imagine its roots are a big part of you, stemmed in your soil.

Fake promises and smiles. They do hurt me.

How do they not hurt you?

Sometimes, I wish I had half your resilience. Your stoic demeanour. And your selfless soul.

For years now, you’ve sheltered our civilisation — with the exception of a few uproars.

My idea of love is so starkly different, to be honest. A few fake wishes and kisses and I’m heartbroken. I feel outraged at the thought of betrayal.

I’d only imagine myself infuriated if I ever was in your position. I’d be a mess.

What is this inside of you?

So benevolent, so generous.

Do you fathom, we the devils, to a soul like you, could ever be as wise, as selfless?


I haven’t heard from you for a while. I hope everything is okay. Write to me soon?

I hope you live long.

I hope.



A curious Earthling.

– Anvii Mishra, Lotus Valley International School, Noida


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