Trigger Warning:
Mention of death/loss. Proceeding with due discretion is advised.


I Don’t Know What To Do Now That I Have Lost You

Can you hear me?

I’ve been trying to speak to you

Touch you

Feel you

Breathe you in


I’m trying to hold you

I’m trying to hold on to you

Pull you closer

Fold you into me

Make sure you never leave me

Even though I can already feel you slipping away


You’re slipping away

You’ve slipped away




You’ve slipped away

And I miss you


I miss you

I always will




I want a phoenix tattooed all over my back

To represent my new beginning

For I have been reborn

From the ashes,

From the chemicals

Shedding away my insecurities

Like dead skin

I have been made anew

From flames of love and hope

And I will rise again

Like the Sun

Like a phoenix

– Vrinda Rastogi, Amity International School, Noida


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