Content Warning:
Please proceed with due discretion if you are sensitive to content that entails the current pandemic and/or general despair.

It is ludicrous when someone says

the end of humanity is near;

answer me then — what ceased

when dreams turned into fear,

when all that was left was

naked bones full of greed,

as hearts were ripped off

of all virtue and generosity —

wasn’t that the end of humanity?


It consumes me with misery

to witness these souls succumb,

crimson seeps through broken bodies,

wails flee from spirits so sternly numb;

an austere reflection for a memory

as a recollection of tragedies erupt,

millions of shattered pieces impede

but today the sharpest is chosen to avenge;

one final liberal breath as it is plunged.

– Ananya Mishra, Somerville School, Noida


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