You are never more alive than when you are a teenager. Your brain is flushed with chemicals that can turn your life into a story of epic proportions. A good grade feels like a Pulitzer’s Prize. A lonely Saturday night feels like an eternity of solitude. Your best friend becomes your partner in crime.

But teenage isn’t all about bright and sunny phases. It has a melancholic side too. You and your parents want you to succeed. Your friends sometimes want you to participate in activities you don’t want to and social media, to some extent, makes you feel left out and ‘not-so-cool’. It can be hard, even if you’re a well-adjusted kid from a good family.

The teenage years are a limbo. A limbo is an uncertain or undecided state. So, during teenage, you’re somewhere between being an adult and a child. Your peers tell you to be mature and express yourself. However, the minute you do, they aren’t willing to listen. Thus, from a certain perspective, adults are kids who made it out of the limbo easily.

According to a neurosurgeon, the teenage brain goes through an upgrade before it matures to an adult brain. The upgrade is like an explosion of connections and synapses as we figure out what is right or wrong, what we like or don’t like and who we want to be or not be. During each phase of this stage, the brain is refining and figuring itself out until it gets out of that limbo.

In conclusion, your teenage defines who you are. It develops you as an individual and makes you see the world and think about your surroundings from a fresh perspective that belongs to you alone. The sky is full of stars and there is room for them all to shine. Everyone you admire was once a beginner. In short, it takes courage to become who you are and you shouldn’t give up on that.

– Aayushi Bawa, Amity International School, Noida


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