I think of the life I’ve seen

Over the past 17 years

I didn’t always feel so blessed

I didn’t always conquer my fears


What can a boy of 17 do?

Not much I suppose,

For I’ve just learnt to fly.


My thoughts have been caged,

By bars I cannot meet

I want to fly high

I want to know how it feels,

to touch the sky

If only someone opens the door

If only someone lets me soar


Life’s beautiful, for those who believe

My life’s a cardigan I’m yet to weave

For some, life is black and white

For some, life’s aesthetic;

stardust and moonlight.


Don’t start running,

for you’re meant to fall again

You’ll fall ‘til you learn to rise

You’ll fall ‘til it stops to pain

It’s just the dark clouds you’re afraid of,

Don’t worry it’ll rain.

Like teardrops running down your cheeks

It’ll wash away the pain.

– Shreyas Dhar, Amity International School, Noida


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