Dear Maggi,

You probably already know this, but I need you. You bring my family together. You make sleepovers even more exciting. You are the ultimate midnight snack. You are the two-minute comfort every person needs.

When they announced that you had questionable ingredients, the blind faith that I had in you was shattered because I realized how terribly you had let me down. If you would’ve ended up getting banned, I would’ve missed you.

I don’t remember the first time I ate you, but I carry fond memories of how I used to debate on whether you tasted best soupy or dry, with cheese or butter, with eggs or vegetables. Those were the times when your variants like ‘atta’ hadn’t arrived on the scene – there were just ‘masala’ and ‘chicken’.

Although you won’t be cooked in two minutes, as they sang in the ads, I had full faith in your ability to satisfy people’s bellies. You have always been different, and I guess you know that very well. You were not like the chow mien in the school canteen and the other brands stood nowhere near you.

At least two generations of Indians have been hooked to you since you arrived. And it can be rightly said that you went on to become some sort of a cultural reference point. You are an integral part of the lives of most people. Early morning or late at night, too lazy or in a hurry, whatever the situation, one Rs. 10 packet of yours and the problem was solved.

For people who eat to live, you have been the best crutch.

To sum up, you have been a dear friend, treading along in the worst of times.


A Maggi Lover


Aayushi Bawa, Amity International School Noida


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