What makes your world go round? The bourgeois would point to money. Hopeless romantics would claim it to be love. I, an avid bibliophile in her teens, would plead my case in favour of fiction novels. But alas, I doubt if any of us could stand the temptation in the presence of a truffle pastry dripping with chocolate syrup, or perhaps a plate of steaming crispy-golden bhature with zesty chhole.

So now that we have a clear winner, fellow foodies, let’s go and watch some movies that will melt your heart like butter in a pan, with a little sprinkle of romance here and comedy there, not to mention the beautiful message in the end like a cherry to top it all.

(Attention- It is highly probable that these movies will strain your gustatory senses and give rise to intense cravings. You are advised to bring along your favourite meals, munchies and drinks to binge.)

Ratatouille is a 2007 animated film by Pixar-Disney, and please wait before you dismiss it as a ‘kid’s film just because it is animated’, for if that is what you believe then you truly would be missing on a lot my friend.

The movie follows a rat named Remy who has an innate sense of taste and culinary skills and who dreams of becoming a chef, but he can’t because, well, he is a rat. Remy meets an insecure young boy- Linguini who works at the world-renowned Gusteau’s restaurant and an unexpected friendship sparks between the two. The story progresses as the two help each other out, both deliberately as well as not, in a journey to learn about themselves and finally get to their goals.

Set in the beautiful city of Paris, it is a tale of losing oneself only to find the other you and accepting that self. A liberal spread of rom-com along with a pinch of adventure and unforeseen twists would keep you glued to the screen the whole while.

Ratatouille, a French peasant dish, which is served towards the end marks a strong impact on several characters, making them question a lot of their choices and thus the title of the movie.

The message that strikes a chord is that ‘talent cannot be found everywhere but anywhere’, and knowing the contrast makes all the difference.

What’s the place that comes to your mind when you think of cuisine?

There’s France, with its exquisite delicacies ranging from fancy sounding desserts to gourmet dishes.

When talking of the art of cooking, one cannot not talk of India. With an abundance of heavenly flavours ranging from nectar sweet to rich spicy dishes and everything in between, there is nothing this country cannot offer to entice every sensation of taste.

Now imagine a movie that does justice to both these ethereal cuisines.

The Hundred-Foot Journey is a melting pot of Indian and French cultural differences and similarities and aptly proves that what makes us different also makes us special and can bring us closer if only we choose to look at the compatibilities.

In this 2014 film, an Indian Muslim family running a restaurant in Mumbai must leave, after a tragedy, for Europe to begin a new life.

The Kadams set up a family restaurant named ‘Maison Mumbai’ in a small town in France, opposite another upscale French restaurant ‘Le Saule Pleureur’. This leads to tensions between both the owners of the restaurants and eventually the misunderstandings give way to friendship and trust.

In this bittersweet tale, our protagonist, Hassan, the son of the Kadam family, becomes a renowned sensation in France for his culinary skills involving the fusion of both French and Indian style of cooking. On his journey to fame, he learns what matters the most to him, and comes back to it in the end.

Romantic scenes set in the milieu of the dreamy French countryside, along with the stark honesty that is portrayed by this family drama offers a truly rejuvenating experience to all food and drama lovers.


Shruthi Nilla, Amity International School Noida



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