31st December, 2019:

Hazy lights. People jostling. Loud music. Iconic venue. Famous Orchestra. “5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Happy New Year!” There was a newfound hope in the air, the smell of roses, and well, overwhelming deodorants. I was wearing a sequined dress for which I had to leave my iPad for one whole month. My mom had a problem with me being glued to the screen. So yeah, I had to leave the apple of my eye for an ENTIRE MONTH. It’s reflecting different colours with the spectrum that is glowing.

Although you can’t notice since there is too little space to observe anything. Too many people trying to dance, being shy and singing unabashedly. I clearly remember four strangers crippling my left foot to death on the dance floor but yeah, overall it was nice and sweaty, for an ambivert like me. After the concert, at home, the Dutch truffle was waiting to be cut and trust me, it was heavenly! We ordered it from Mr. Brown’s bakery since my mom didn’t know how to bake. Each piece of that delicious bread still tugs at my heartstrings, its flavour will last forever in my memories. Yes, this is me describing food like it is the love of my life. Then finally, we played some cards and went to sleep in our cost blankets.  And this is how we welcomed the beautiful year 2020.

31st December, 2020:

Zoom meeting code. Passwords. Family members assembling in a manner to fit into the laptop screen. Charger plugged in. “5… 4… 3…” Errr- wait, there is a power cut in the area but yeah, Happy 2021! My dad is trying to give a speech but our Wi-Fi just gave up on us, so we have to join the meeting again. Mama was supposed to be on mute although the bickering is interesting to hear. I was wearing my 5784933 years old pyjamas and have been— traditionally— handed down to me by my sister. Nobody cared though, it was pretty normal. All these clothes and nowhere to go. It was a great celebration because Mumma had finally learned how to bake a cake. She made vanilla  and chocolate and I helped her. After the exhausting Zoom meeting, we still slept in our cosy blankets. Guess that remained the same.

The difference here is obviously huge! But 2020 has taught us the real meaning of ‘less is more’. It has taught us to value each moment because life will give you profound surprises. Not only you, everyone. Make the best out of it and be satisfied with what you have. It’s more than enough.

– Sanjali Sharma, Amity International School, Noida


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