Don’t let me study momma
I have yet to go
A mile before I reach
Heaven or hell

I’ve known it 3 years prior
That my end is with you
Maybe different times
But it ends up the same
The places we desire, be it
Heaven or hell

Don’t let me fall
Don’t let me dance
Let me fall asleep, closer to
The state of eternity
There is no escape from
Heaven or hell

Let me be
Urge to set me free but
Nothing happens when the doors open
Of heaven and that of hell
Because I’m destined
To enter any one
What would it be momma?

It’s all known to me it seems
But I ponder few minutes before I sleep
Is it necessary to be where you won’t be
Heaven is empty
Hell seems to burn
I have given up on my dreams
Momma, hug me tighter.
Don’t let me sleep.

– Ananya Pareek, Amity International School, Noida

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