Being a part of a country like India, we’ve often stumbled upon the term black magic. It has been a part of ancient stories like the Ramayana. In fact, the Mayong village of Assam is still referred to as the “Land of Black Magic” But is black magic even real? In my opinion, it is a myth, and it’s very important for India to get over such superstitions now. Claims of guaranteeing the birth of a child of desired gender, torturing somebody in the name of driving away an evil spirit, isolating someone in belief that they have supernatural powers — India has never taken a backseat when it comes to supporting myths. Irrational thinking makes people opt for such practices for quick results. A chance success story often restarts the vicious circle of black magic and superstition.

The only ray of hope is the Anti-superstition Act that has been passed in various states of India such as Maharashtra, Bihar, Karnataka, etc. Many unfair practices have been banned under this act, and punishments for violations involve imprisonment and fines.


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