I am alone,
Crying in the dark,
Where no one,
No one leaves a mark.
At the tip of the cone,
Chilled to the bone,
Thinking someone might arrive,
Rescue me as I strive.

As I walked on the timber,
Came across a bark,
On which for too long did I linger,
Waiting for a pal to reach the mark,
But it was my fault to buffer,
As how painfully do I suffer.

My oldest mates went ahead of the core,
The newest still had to cope.
I couldn’t wait anymore,
Though how much to reach them did I hope,
But now, I’m stranded.

Too ahead to go back,
And ahead they won’t wait.
Alone and slack,
Am hungry and afraid.
I wish for something sweet,
To give me a reason for my heart to beat,
I wish for the water,
To have a consoling to be calmer,
I wish for a spice,
Just to melt my ice.

Oh how I want a hand,
So I can hold onto it and stand.
I may limp and stagger,
Because I feel like hurt by a dagger.

But hold onto me,
And I won’t ever go to the wrong bark.
This life woven on a tree,
Is designed to make you lost in the dark.

Never leave your oldest pegs,
Remember to walk along their legs.
For now I’m stranded,
Don’t know where I got myself landed.

All those whom I love seem so distant,
I wish to be with them this instant.
Know the price of a smile,
Don’t miss it or you’ll have to go a mile,
Looking for the happiness ,
That you didn’t realise,
Was with you all the time.

Afraid now that I’m left too behind,
Want to run and catch the fireflies,
Carrying little bundles of joy,
Don’t wanna trip again on a bark and shout Ahoy!


Mohini Soni, Delhi Public School, Noida

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