There once was a little boy,

Who lived in a strange cottage;

A shiny glass bottle was his favourite toy

And his clothes were all different shades of beige


Every morning, after eating a bowl of porridge,

He’d trot out to collect insects;

After passing various fields and a bridge,

He found them and even a few cents


The cents went in the pocket,

While the insects were trapped in the jar

The boy looked at those locked in,

Feeling pity for them in his heart


The day was slowly coming to an end,

As the little boy got surrounded by darkness

He slowly opened the lid, to amend;

The sky above was dreary and starless


To the boy’s utter disbelief,

A hundred floating bulbs lit up the sky

He got soaked by a wave of relief

As they led the way to his cottage, up high


The insects stayed with him for a while,

But they had to go before the morning ray

The boy said farewell with a sweet smile

And just like the moment of joy, the fireflies flew away.


– Ananya Mishra, Somerville School, Noida



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