Tell me the dark doesn’t frighten you and I’ll call you out as a falsifier instantly.  You’re saying that the image of what seems like an incessant corridor extending into an oblivious dark shadow doesn’t make you quiver? It terrifies you and you’re not the only one.

We fear the darkness not because we know what’s in there, but because we don’t. Isn’t that what the alarm is regarding, uncertainty? The thought that something in this scrutinizing world lies concealed, peculiarly vague? The human mind is like a math problem, leaves you muddled but remains unsolved; a mystery. Our imagination roots from this very mystery and dries out when we reach its end. Never once have we discerned the world from outside, only catching a few glimpses of the fresh fruits and dried ponds from our prison of a mind.

What has this jail cell ever provided you for you to show it such kindness? All it has even done is kept your inquisitive, intriguing self locked up in a steeled cabin pursuing your human traits to a gloom they seem to be hopelessly stranded in.

However, it forgets about that little window at the top right corner of the cell; it forgets about the friendship between your strength and escape. You steady yourself over a meek wooden stool and prepare yourself to leap of faith, but you wonder- what lies outside the window?

Is it eternal pain or euphoric peace, you don’t know but its the sole getaway you have,

So If into the unknown is where you’ll have to go, into the unknown is where you’ll go.


– Tarusha Singh, Scottish High School, Gurugram


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