In Praise of Flaw

Was that mistake meant to be?

A blessing in disguise is all I could see

A lesson learnt is better

Than the miracle you wanted to see

A little positive is all you’ll have to be

It’s okay if you worked hard but it didn’t work out

It’s okay if you are stuck… you’ll find your way out


You did it once

God wants you to do it twice

You’ll be better this time

Isn’t that a blessing in disguise?


Knowing what to do and knowing how it’s done

Is what mistakes are gonna mean to u in the long run

One day you’ll look back

And your mistakes would be cheering on you

Isn’t that what you wanted

We were just there to help you


Just give it a thought and you’ll know it’s true

It’s a blessing in disguise

Be glad it happened



The dead are rising from their grave

And they seek for revenge

What we did, what we do is now not a mystery to them

They can’t plead for their justice or their right to live

There is nothing left for them but to haunt the murderer

Sleeping peacefully in bed

There were blacks there were whites

But now it’s difficult to tell

Cause it’s just the blood that is left

And the blood’s all red

Am I ashamed or am I scared? It’s hard to tell

I opened my eyes and realized

I just dreamt what’s hell

I have got tears in my eyes and a little fear in my heart

And I just pray for the well

And for us to be on the right path…


Stolen Moments

Trust me on this

Today was not just a day.

So many memories and nostalgia were on my way…

Some did make me happy, some did make me cheer

Others were the ones which came gushing down as tears

All little memories are now out of the box

Which one will I keep? And which one will be lost?

Dark little secrets are all that I possess today

The memories in my head are played and said in my own little way

Yes, day by day they may fade away

But the closer you come the more they stay


– Kavya Loona, Ryan International School, Noida


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