The vow to cushion one and thee

‘One for all & all for one’ you joyed,

I packed your bags when you were gone

And stood by, you told me to hang on

(why didn’t you?)


The black paint cleansed with snow,

“Come hell or high water” you were so sure

But this is not a storm, barely a ripple

Yet my back aches of gore

(was it you?)


One for all & all for one, you say, anew

My ears no longer the recipient,

Still, blaring ablaze, I keep your company warm

The crime, the shame, the agony.


How do I go home now?

For home has me impaled.

Charmed I am to taste the ecstasy of betrayal.

(why did you?)


But episodically, the pearl fathoms the shell

And I turn Ophelia, mailing you the hundredth do-over,

Do you care to mend the cracked window pane?

Or is my branch just meant for your tree-house?

Are you blissfully unaware or just vain?


– Anandi Ganguly, Amity International School, Noida


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