“We’re neither black nor white, but gray.

 I can only feel the touch of your hand in mine.

Beneath my feet, the ground slips away.”


My hair is long, so is yours,

You are feminine, so am I.

And so they say we can’t love.


Love is a law of nature, they say,

But when my eyes behold you everyday,

They can’t help falling in love with you

Although you’re the same as me.


It was the touch of sunlight on your hair,

That drew me in that midsummer’s day.

And although the colour of your skin wasn’t fair

With dreams about you at night I lay.


Fair and dark, the night and the day,

That look in your eyes let me know of your fear,

Words from around poured into my ears,

And slowly I ceased to hold you dear.


I’ll always remember your voice

To hear it will always remain my choice.

I’ll never let those fingers go,

Which once much affection did endow.


Braided my hair under the oak tree,

Shed leaves on our faces,

Under the shade of which the speckled sunlight,

Showed we weren’t yet in love, but we might.


– Aliyah Banerjee, Round Rock High School, Texas

  I like this!

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