I stood there tenacious,

I stood there quavering,


Reluctant to mess up,

Refuted to stand apart.


Giving wings to her dreams,

Giving air to my flight,

All in all I tried.


But still mocked I was.

To enhance the list,

Ridiculed, contempted, scoffed I was.


My diligence couldn’t still move them,

Too overconfident or too ambitious,

Were the labellings.


‘Breaking’ and ‘braking’ me,

Made them feel proud and chauvinist.

Howbeit, the squanders that their,

‘braking’ was my ‘acceleration’,

that their ‘breaking’ was my ‘hardening’.


Today I stand neither too proud,

Nor too overconfident.

Just as me, as “I”.


Looking at them, pitying them,

Somewhere I stand vexed,

For not having changed ,

Their dreariness, their intelligible schema.


I become laxed, then filled with spirit,

Decide to provide,

Dreams to the dreamless,

Confidence to the apprehensive,

Rights to the laudable,

Home to a stranded her,

and finally applying ‘justice’, ‘equality’

and ‘secularity’ to her pragmatic life.



I don’t need a ‘#metoo’,

I don’t need a ‘women’s march’.

All I deserve is ‘One is to one’,

All I deserve is ‘You is to me’.


Today, orbiting the Mars,

Deciphering a script,

Evolving an antidote,

Winning a Nobel prize,

Increasing the employment,

Does not give me safety as I walk out,

Does not make me feel equal,

when I stand.

Does not give me my credit,

when I seek for it.

When still my emotions decide my worth,

When still my words decide my personality.


I just wish to abate the unabated,

To lift the powerless,

To balance the cycle,

I just wish to ‘live myself’.


 – Arshia Khanna, Amity International School, Noida

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