Us humans, we’re all of one kind

Then why do we dissociate, differentiate?

Our disregarded morals befriend a typecast mind

Identifying them as particular is the perception we create

Daily, millions of charming faces walk a single street

Their words however not quite pleasant

Greet their Delhi friends and offer them a seat

But ridicule the North-Easterner’s presence

Living in the scrutiny of community,

The fear that tenants a gay boy’s thoughts

Always reminded to put forth his assumed masculinity—

He keeps his mouth shut, but his eyes say lots

Disheartening as it is, this is society

It needs change or it won’t survive

In your hands resides its propriety

Don’t walk away for it to perish, make it thrive.

Tarusha Singh, Scottish High International School, Gurgaon, Haryana


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