Justice that is yet to be delivered after a war is a slow and long process. While the whole world watches what happens to the perpetrators of such major crimes, history reminds us that the latter themselves are capable of becoming successful in not only escaping the consequences of their actions, but also gaining an advantage out of them.

We live in an age of enlightenment in which humans have been empowered to do great deeds. It is an age where even a common person can get worldwide support if they raise the right issue. And yet, the world has been and still is a place where proper justice is not served to those who commit crimes against humanity. Taking the Nuremberg Trials as the core for this write-up: they were successful in delivering proper justice to 12 Nazi criminals involved in the Holocaust. Many others escaped through secret routes known as The Ratlines. The Ratlines streched from Germany to South American countries like Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. Apart from the usage of this escape route, it’s known that a lot of “Nazi recruitment” took place post-World War II. These recruitments mainly included scientists and engineers brought to other countries under Operation Overcast (or Paperclip) that shaped the unique execution system and technologies the Nazis had built.

Here’s where some survivors took matters into their own hands. Up until 5 decades after World War II, Nazi Hunters, as they called themselves— made it their life goal to prosecute escaped Nazis and deliver rightful justice to the victims of the Holocaust. Hunters discovered through intense investigation, how the “skills” of such escaped Nazis were used for other advances in history; as major as Nazi science being involved in landing the first man on the Moon.

While remembering the Holocaust, we say ‘never forget’. Then why are these details forgotten? How is it that such ruthless criminals were able to continue living their lives after ripping apart hundreds? Justice here, was not only delayed, it was snatched and made a mockery out of. And here is when we have to truly understand— “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Vanya Tandon and Kavesha Raina, Amity International School, Noida


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