We’re the novice generation of young revolutionaries,

The teenage Gandhis, young Lenins and Mussolinis.

Trying to fix a future bursting at its seams,

We weave tapestries with our hopeful dreams.

When hellfire razed the Amazon,

For our planet’s salvation we marched on.

When under tyranny’s knees black men kneel,

Every humiliation, every pining we feel.

When the migrant workmen in their long march home sprinted,

In our hearts their bloody footprints were imprinted. 

Dark tempests do gather over the horizon,

But the young fear naught, for our million hearts are one.

So may the kings of parliaments tremble before our sacred rage,

And the defiants of injustice shall usher in a new age.

Old notions and old patterns of society let us rearrange,

For we are the defenders of the future and the catalysts of change.

Piyush Senapati, Amity International School, Noida

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