As the years progress, we are faced with new issues that force us to come up with new innovative solutions. COVID-19 would be an example of this. The whole situation with the pandemic we’re facing right now seems surreal to many, including myself. I hadn’t realized how it could halt my life entirely. Changing the way I interact with the people around me day-to-day. I do admit that I am fortunate in many ways, such as having access to the resources I need. However, I’m aware that other people are struggling to get by, which can be shown through their actions. For example, fighting and hoarding products out of impulsive desires driven by panic. Then acting as if there won’t be a tomorrow. Overall, it just shows that what we should fear the most is what we are unable to see. At the end of this, all I hope that we are able to grow from this experience, and learn from the consequences of not being able to properly handle this matter.

– Samaiya Bartunek, Brighton High School, Utah

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