Let me commence with a brief introduction about myself. I am the youngest among the coronavirus brothers, just the third among those that can infect humans. My journey began at a central market in Wuhan, a city in China, where I was born. I first originated from obscenely graceful mammals known as bats, as the humans call them.

Well, I initially only transferred from one animal to another, but it was the humans themselves who created their own trap. I gradually got transferred from bats to other animals like pangolins that the Chinese devour, ultimately entering the human body. I never demanded that this happen- but maybe this is what the humans desired. I am confused, why would humans put themselves in a trap of death? Do they like dying? At least, I don’t.

Speaking of which, here’s another fact that strikes my mind which the human world surely needs to know- what humans call ‘infecting’, is a way of survival for me. The conditions which lead to the infection are necessary for my survival. Truly, despite knowing this fact, I still try to restrain myself from causing discomfort to the human body I enter. However, I am only able to control this for 5-6 days. Yes, you got it right. This is the reason why the symptoms are only visible after 5-6 days of infection.

After 5-6 days I am forced to start working in order to survive. I enter into the lining of the throat, airways and lungs and establish a virus factory there. This is where the destruction begins. I skew out tons of clones that infect even more cells.

Now, here I am spreading like a deadly forest fire in all parts of the world, killing and decimating thousands of people. So much so, that sometimes I am myself left awe-struck by the degree of destruction I am causing. I used to be a teeny virus, and here I am, all grown up, spreading uncontrollably.

Let me remind you, the reason behind this too is the carelessness of humans. I only enter the human body through the air they breathe, if someone infected by me coughs nearby, or when humans carelessly touch a contaminated body or surface, and then their own face.

I know that the humans feel that I am their ultimate enemy today, which naturally, I am. But I still have a bit of friendly advice for them––stop the carelessness! The reason I am giving them this advice is because I am just a virus. I can only kill people and animals, gradually affecting nature, but they are the humans, the most ‘intelligent’ species of animals to have ever existed. Either outcome––destroying or saving nature––is in their hands, a resultant of their actions. I value nature to a great extent. If I was brainy enough, I would have even told the humans how to get rid of me and save themselves.

However, I don’t have the slightest worry about that, because I know that the humans will eventually evolve ways to fight and destroy me, and save themselves using their witty brains, like they have always done.

All I can wish is a big fat good luck to the earthlings!


– Ishani Singh, Amity International School, Noida



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