My gaze, drawn involuntarily to the unmoving frame
The overwhelming reign of illness,
Unable to swallow that glimpse of the aftermath
The utter destruction left in its wake.

A shell left behind,
Of a sickness, ah, so blind
Throttle anyone in a merciless grasp,
Never unravel such a clasp.

A silent cry reaches me,
Yearning to be free
From the manacles, the shackles
Of disease.

Besides the still form, a lump lay
Weeping, heart-wrenching sobs emerging,
Such anguish exuded from the scene
Of a bedridden quarantine.

Tears sliding down a stoic face,
Staring unblinkingly at the loneliness carved on the
motionless victim,

Almost as if the ailing,
Fumbling in the dark
Had been groping for an anchor
Hunting for another presence
A rock during his last moments
A hand to hold through his last breath
A presence to caress one last time,
Yet finding…nothing,
No one around…

~By Mythri Anand, The Somaiya School, Vidyanagar, Mumbai


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