The rays of the sun

Gently kissed my cheeks

My room lit up

As I yawned and kicked off the sheets.


Stretched my body

Sat in bed for sometime

My lips stretched into a smile

Because I knew everything will be alright


A new morning

A new day

So much could happen

You never know what’s coming your way


Many possibilities lie in my path

Waiting to be chosen by me

I may make the wrong decisions

But they’ll all teach me something to keep.


Instead of being worried

Of the storm coming your way

Push away the upsetting thoughts

And dance in the forthcoming rain


There are days surrounded by grey clouds

Days you feel like nothing is fine

Well, just keep it in your mind

That eventually, it will be all sunshines.


~By Sanah Arora, Shiv Nadar School, Noida



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